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Couple Moves to Assisted Living

Couple Moves to Assisted Living

Mr. and Mrs. F were living in their own home but finding it increasingly difficult to take care of themselves. Their daughter lived nearby but had a full-time job, and she came over and helped out on a daily basis. After working all day, she went to their house and cooked for them, helped them clean up, and gave them their medications. She hired in-home care, but Mrs. F did not want a caregiver in her home and resisted it. Their daughter was feeling burned out, and she called us for help in finding placement for her parents.

Mr. F was 83 and Mrs. F was 79. Mrs. F had weakness her legs and needed to use a walker for stability. She didn’t always use the walker when needed, and fell several times, injuring herself. She also had some dementia that became more pronounced in the evenings. Mr. F was in good health physically, but his mild cognitive impairment was becoming progressively worse. They both took several medications which were dosed throughout the day, but often did not get their dosages on time, which was really causing problems. Mr. F was particularly social and enjoyed playing cards and being active. We did an evaluation and determined that the couple would be good candidates for Assisted Living.

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After a thorough search of Assisted Living residences which also had Memory Care on-site, should that become necessary for Mrs. F, we found a lovely community that fit their needs. The nurse from the Assisted Living building did an assessment on the couple, and they moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. Having them in a staffed environment that met their physical AND social needs allowed their daughter to relax and enjoy spending time with them as a daughter rather than a caregiver.

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